Monday, October 8, 2012

Chat application in java

This is my 3rd year project which is the initial state of any perfect chat application. It has also few bugs, but it can help any novice student to complete their java assignment.
This application is developed in NetBeans IDE. There is two projects one is server and another is Client. To download this two projects click the link bellow.

Download Chat Application

How to run This application :

After downloading two projects open this two projects in NetBeans IDE. At First run Server project then run Client project. Client project should be run two or more times because one client can not chat alone. The Client project runs two times means that two user is connected to the server and they can chat with each other.

Overview Of This Project:

I have attached some screen shots which can help you to understand easily. The attachments are given bellow :

Server Monitor :

This is the Server Monitor window. When you run the Server project this window will be shown. This window contains four portion :
  1. Monitor Clients : display the User information like name of user, from which IP address and which port number.
  2. Online Clients : list out the users who are connected to this server.
  3. Server Status : Shows which port number is used by this server.
  4. Controll Panel : it contains two buttons one is Start and second one is Stop. Start button run this server on specific port number and Stop button just shut down the server.

Window:

When you run Client Project the first window will be shown. Client project has another two window which i will discuss in bellow. This window contain one input field and button. Input field just take the name of user and sign in button take the user to the next window. User name can be any String but there is a little bug if username contain space character then it behave not well. Single word user name is better for this for example “jodu” , “modhu”.

Buddy List :

This window is showed after sign in with user name. if any other user is already sign in list of those users will be showed and also those who are currently signed in will be showed in the list. if any user want to chat with any other user then user just double click on the user name from the online user list as like as yahoo messenger.

Chat Window :

here is the chat window of two user. I just present a little conversion between two users . Any user can also send any file by this window.


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